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Foothill College Course Outline of Record

Foothill College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Units: 0
Hours: 24 laboratory per quarter (24 total per quarter)
Degree & Credit Status: Non-Degree-Applicable Non-Credit Course
Foothill GE: Non-GE
Transferable: None
Grade Type: Non-Credit Course (Receives no Grade)
Repeatability: Unlimited Repeatability

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Participating students will explore one or more forms of fictional or nonfictional writing (e.g., memoir, essay, short story, poetry, travel writing, vignette, etc.) by crafting short pieces each week to be read aloud and critiqued.
  • Participating students will show evidence of their ability to give and receive constructive feedback on written work.


Intended for the disabled student to present written autobiographical, fictional and non-fictional experiences which are shared orally for both appreciation and constructive input to enhance self-esteem, memory retention and writing ability.

Course Objectives

The student will be able to:
A. recall and present written autobiographical experiences.
B. present written fictional experiences.
C. present written non fictional experiences.
D. demonstrate constructive input regarding classmates' work.
E. increase self esteem by successfully completing work.

Course Content

This class may include all or part of these areas:
A. Previously written material
B. Newly written material
C. Approaches to appreciation and criticism
D. Extemporaneous discussion

Lab Content

Not applicable.

Special Facilities and/or Equipment

Accessible classroom.

Method(s) of Evaluation

A. Progress on Student Educational Contract
B. Instructor observation of ability to reflect course material
C. Participation

Method(s) of Instruction


Representative Text(s) and Other Materials

Goldberg, N. Writing Down to the Bones: Freeing the Writer. Shambhala, Feb 2016.


Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing, and Outside of Class Assignments

Not applicable.



Specialized Instruction (Disabled Students Programs and Services)-Vocational: Noncredit