Academic Catalog

Career Education & Apprenticeship Programs

Career Technical Education

Our Career Technical Education (CTE) programs are designed for people who are entering a field for the first time, as well as experienced career professionals who want to update their skill set. Programs take between nine months and two years to complete.

At Foothill, we strive to ensure that our career education curriculum meets the needs of business, industry and government. This is why we invite a number of occupational leaders to advise us on:

  • new courses and course content;
  • facilities and equipment;
  • nature and extent of employment needs;
  • how to evaluate the appropriateness of contents of existing courses; and
  • how to evaluate student performance.

We continually implement the recommendations of our occupational advisory committees. A campus advisory committee also meets periodically to review and make recommendations for career education. For information on specific courses, consult your counselor or review the program’s curriculum sheet online. For a full list of professional and technical programs leading to a career, visit the Career Technical Education website.

Apprenticeship Programs

Foothill College is in partnership with local apprenticeship training organizations to offer instruction in building trades: sheet metal, electrician, plumbing, HVAC, steamfitting and pipefitting, sound and communication, and non-destructive testing. Per the California Code of Regulations, these programs are limited to apprentices accepted into the registered apprenticeship programs. Interested applicants must apply and meet the necessary requirements outlined by each training center. All courses are off-campus and held at each of the training centers. Visit the website for program contact information.


Internships offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience under the mentorship of a professional at a Silicon Valley corporation, nonprofit or public agency. Internships enhance your university-transfer application as well as your professional resume and can be remote or in person.

Foothill College offers internships for students in majors such as psychology, business, engineering, computer science, graphic arts, physical and biological sciences, office administration, multimedia and many others. Internships can be arranged with employers and educational institutions around the world. Proof of U.S. citizenship is required at some internship sites. Internships may be paid or unpaid. Some can be arranged for college credit, depending upon department approval.

To get started, email or visit

Workforce Development

Foothill College realizes its commitment to serve the workforce must extend beyond the classroom curriculum, and degree and certificate programs. The reality of global competition and increasing job complexity means that organizations have a continuing need for their employees to learn new skills and fill in knowledge gaps to ensure high-quality job performance.

There are many ways employers may partner with Foothill College. These include: 

  • Springternship: A one-week micro internship opportunity run by Foothill College for employers to work with students

  • Internships: Offer minimum quarter long internships to our students with college credit. Students can search for internships on Handshake.

  • Curriculum Development: Work with our faculty to develop relevant college credit and state approved classes and certificates. 

  • Industry Spotlight: We can feature your organization through our industry-based career spotlights.

  • Career Fairs: Meet a variety of students at our job fairs on Handshake.

  • Post a job: Use Foothill College Handshake to post a job for Foothill students.

For more information, visit

Occupational Training Institute

The Foothill-De Anza Occupational Training Institute (OTI) offers career training for students who are eligible through assistance programs, including CalWORKs (TANF/Welfare to Work), Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Computer Technical Support (CompTechS). OTI supports Foothill College’s career training programs such as medical, technical, business, horticulture, communications and administrative occupations.

  • CalWORKs: OTI supports CalWORKs students by assisting with enrollment into career technical education programs, on-campus paid work study and transfer to universities. Students who participate in CalWORKs are eligible for reimbursement of college fees, academic, career and personal counseling/advising, development of an individualized education plan, child care, textbook assistance, and priority registration. OTI also provides referrals to various community services and a free computer.
  • WIOA/TAA: Depending on the contracting agency’s policies and approved funding, students may or may not be approved for payment of college fees, textbooks, supplies, parking fees, or other unanticipated costs. All WIOA/TAA students are eligible for a free computer. If a student is referred to OTI by a contracting agency (e.g., Workforce Board), the agency is responsible for paying OTI’s quarterly administrative fee, subject to change by state and/or district action. If the student is not referred by a contracting agency, they are responsible for paying OTI’s administrative fees.
  • CompTechS: An on-campus internship program for students who are interested in careers in information technology, OTI’s CompTechS Program features donated and refurbished computers that are then made available to Foothill students. Internships may be available in Silicon Valley companies for qualified applicants. For more information, visit the OTI Office (Room 5004), call 650.949.7465 or visit
  • Fresh Success: A support program to increase the employability of limited income students by removing barriers to higher education. Eligible students are those who receive CalFresh benefits, are CTE majors or enrolled in CTE courses, as well as basic skills, ESL, and non-credit courses. Please contact Sabrina Stewart at for additional information.