Academic Catalog

Admissions & Assessment

Student Classifications

To understand Foothill admission and placement testing procedures, you need to know your student classification:

  • Continuing Student: You were enrolled at Foothill last quarter (does not apply to Summer Session)
  • Former Student: You’ve attended Foothill, but were not enrolled during the previous quarter (does not apply to Summer Session)
  • Freshman: You’ve completed fewer than 45 units of college credit
  • Full-Time Student: You’re enrolled in 12 or more units this quarter or you’re enrolled in six units during Summer Session
  • International Student: You have applied and been accepted to the Foothill College International Students Program
  • New Student: You’ve never enrolled at any college
  • New Transfer Student: You have attended a college other than Foothill
  • Non-Resident Student: You have not met California residency requirements and must pay non-resident tuition
  • Sophomore: You’ve completed 45 or more units of college credit and haven’t earned a degree

Assessment at the Testing & Assessment Center

The Testing and Assessment Center oversees placement for math, English, chemistry, and English for Second Language Learners (ESLL). Placement will be based on multiple measures such as high school transcript information or guided self-placement. Students can view their placements in MyPortal. Please visit our website for details regarding our placement methods.

To help students maximize their time at Foothill College, we are committed to appropriate assessment into transfer-level course work for English and math. All students are eligible to access transfer-level English composition, for-credit ESLL courses, and transfer level math (statistics, precalculus, etc.) regardless of your educational background or native language. Based on a student's need for additional support, Foothill offers various co-requisite support courses for English and math. 

If you are unsure which course is most appropriate, counselors are available to help assist you with your education plan.