Academic Catalog

Semiconductor Engineering

Program Description

The Certificate of Achievement in Semiconductor Processing provides foundational knowledge and skills necessary for safely and efficiently moving wafers through the semiconductor processing stages in a cleanroom work environment. This certificate is open to all students with an interest in learning more about semiconductor processing. Students in the apprenticeship pathway will complete the Certificate of Achievement as a part of the apprenticeship program.

Learn more about the program on the Apprenticeship website.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to safely navigate a cleanroom work environment.
  • Students will be prepared to move wafers through the processing steps.
  • Students will be able to troubleshoot processing issues as they arise and formulate a plan for the next steps in addressing them.
  • Students will be prepared for a career in semiconductor processing.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities in the semiconductor processing field start at $25-$30 per hour, based on experience and education, and increase as additional coursework is completed and with additional work experience. Opportunities to join the apprenticeship program occur periodically.

Award Type(s)

  • CA = Certificate of Achievement

Units Required

  • Certificate(s): 15

Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Achievement in Semiconductor Processing

  • Units: 15
Total Units15