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Foothill College Course Outline of Record

Foothill College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Summer 2023
Units: 1
Hours: 1 lecture per week (12 total per quarter)
Prerequisite: R T 61A.
Degree & Credit Status: Degree-Applicable Credit Course
Foothill GE: Non-GE
Transferable: CSU
Grade Type: Letter Grade Only
Repeatability: Not Repeatable

Student Learning Outcomes

  • "Continue research on an selected medical imaging topic and create a PowerPoint.
  • Prepare an oral presentation on an assigned medical imaging topic.


The second course in the R T 61 series will focus on expanding the depth and breadth of learning through the creation of a professional level oral presentation. Utilizing presentation software and other visual aids, groups will collaboratively display their mastery and understanding of the specialized imaging topic selected in R T 61A. This course also places emphasis on group collaboration and critical reflection of individual and group contributions to the project as a whole. Intended for students in the Radiologic Technology Program; enrollment is limited to students accepted in the program.

Course Objectives

The student will be able to:

  1. Develop research and literary skills by performing an in-depth research project
  2. Collect and synthesize research data
  3. Collaborate in the composition and preparation of the project
  4. Present an oral presentation summary to the class
  5. Create a graphic USB holder that reflects some element related to the topic
  6. Transfer and archive final presentation project to USB in multiple formats
  7. Develop an APA formatted reference list
  8. Using self-reflection and assessment tools, assess their own contributions to the group process as well as that of their group members

Course Content

  1. Continued research of selected topic from prerequisite course
    1. Topic expansion
  2. Review project guidelines as outlined by checklist
    1. Research methods
      1. Internet
      2. Library
      3. Books/journals
      4. Other sources
    2. Collection and management of data collected from all group members
    3. Data entry
  3. Project composition
    1. Structure
    2. Responsibilities of each group member
  4. Presentation media discussion and development
    1. Visual aids
    2. Oral presentation guidelines
      1. Professional delivery
      2. Communication skills
      3. Time limit
  5. USB holder
    1. Requirements
    2. Design
  6. Project archive
    1. Archive to USB
    2. Format requirements
  7. Reference list
    1. APA format
    2. Currency
    3. Number and variety of sources
  8. Group and self evaluation
    1. Accountability
    2. Reflection
    3. Constructive critique

Lab Content

Not applicable.

Special Facilities and/or Equipment

Classroom with multimedia equipment with internet access.

Method(s) of Evaluation

Methods of Evaluation may include but are not limited to the following:

Evaluation of presentation using oral presentation guidelines and grading rubric
Self and group evaluation using a standardized form

Method(s) of Instruction

Methods of Instruction may include but are not limited to the following:


Representative Text(s) and Other Materials

None required.

Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing, and Outside of Class Assignments

  1. Perform independent literary research
  2. Presentation media/visual aid creation
  3. Development of a cohesive group presentation that meets project specifications for content, delivery, and time requirements
  4. USB cover design and formatting
  5. Assessment of personal and group contributions to the overall project


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