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Foothill College Course Outline of Record

Foothill College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Summer 2023
Units: 1.5
Hours: 1.5 lecture per week (18 total per quarter)
Degree & Credit Status: Degree-Applicable Credit Course
Foothill GE: Non-GE
Transferable: CSU
Grade Type: Letter Grade (Request for Pass/No Pass)
Repeatability: Not Repeatable

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop personal, educational and healthcare career goals.
  • Identify resources for researching potential healthcare careers.


This course focuses on assessment and career research in the development of a healthcare career plan. Careers include, but are not limited to: EMT, paramedic/fire science, nursing, pharmacy technology, dental hygiene, dental assisting, respiratory therapy, and radiologic technology. Emphasis is on interest, personality testing, values clarification, career information, research skills, individual skills assessment, decision making, communication, teamwork, inter-professional education, and goal setting, specifically in the healthcare field. The course also covers healthcare job trends, education, and licensure requirements.

Course Objectives

The student will be able to:

  1. Describe how personal values affect healthcare career choices
  2. Analyze career interest inventories as a resource for making healthcare career decisions
  3. Analyze the relationship between personality preferences and work environments
  4. Identify specific skills from past experience, school, or work that could apply to a healthcare career path
  5. Conduct research on potential healthcare careers
  6. Evaluate literature and web resources to develop a healthcare career path for market trends, personal values, and skills compatibility
  7. Conduct informational interviews to gather current healthcare career information
  8. Identify personal passions, values, and personality traits, and assess the degree of occupational compatibility correlated to them
  9. Identify the ideal lifestyle correlated with personal career goals essential for living a balanced and satisfying lifestyle
  10. Develop a career plan for an occupation of choice relevant to healthcare, listing the appropriate classes, certificates, skills, and experience required
  11. Develop teamwork skills required for effective collaboration between all healthcare professionals
  12. Demonstrate the importance of productive work habits and attitudes relevant in healthcare careers

Course Content

  1. Values assessment
    1. Values as they relate to healthcare career choice
    2. Influences on individual values (family, culture, religion)
    3. Role of values in contributing to a satisfying life and healthcare work environment
    4. Personal values and philosophies assessment
  2. Healthcare career interest inventory
    1. Interest inventories, evaluation, and interpretation
  3. Personality assessment
    1. Personality assessment test
    2. Personality traits desired in healthcare workers
    3. Soft skills necessary for patient care interactions
  4. Skills assessment
    1. Skills assessment test to determine current skills set
    2. Skills set required for specific healthcare careers
  5. Healthcare careers
    1. Introduction to career resources
      1. Nursing
      2. Radiologic technology
      3. Respiratory therapy
      4. EMT/Paramedic/Fire science
      5. Diagnostic medical sonographer
      6. Dental hygiene
      7. Dental assisting
      8. Pharmacy technician
      9. Personal care aide
      10. Health technology
      11. Massage therapy
  6. Healthcare occupational data
    1. Career literature and web resources
    2. Labor market
    3. Economic trends and their effects on career choice
    4. Research methods and evaluation criteria
    5. Informational interviewing techniques as a resource for gathering career information
  7. Health career portfolio
    1. Evaluation of career research information
    2. Education and training needed for potential careers
    3. Development of short and long term goals
  8. Understanding your personal profile
    1. Envision the future by defining success and passion
    2. Utilize personality assessment to determine an ideal health occupation
  9. Determine lifestyles and values to be satisfied and happy
    1. Identify life satisfaction goals
    2. Happiness factor
    3. Balance with career goals and lifestyle goals
  10. Career plan
    1. Determine suitable health career occupation
    2. Educational pathway and plan to career choice
    3. Certificate, skills, and experience required of career choice
  11. Development of teamwork skills
    1. Effective communication
      1. Listening
      2. Speaking
      3. Non-verbal
      4. Written
    2. Critical thinking
    3. Problem-solving
  12. Productive work habits and attitudes
    1. Resilience strategies
    2. Interpersonal skills
    3. Coping skills
    4. Stress management

Lab Content

Not applicable.

Special Facilities and/or Equipment

1. Multimedia classroom
2. Internet access
3. Modular tables

Method(s) of Evaluation

Methods of Evaluation may include but are not limited to the following:

Participation in cooperative learning assignments
Completion of a digital/written portfolio report
Completion of required written assignments
Participation in classroom activities and discussions
Completion of reflective journal prompts

Method(s) of Instruction

Methods of Instruction may include but are not limited to the following:

Group discussion
Cooperative learning assignments
Individual and group presentations
Project-based learning
Guest speaker

Representative Text(s) and Other Materials

Bingham, Mary, and Sandy Stryker. Career Choices and Changes: A Workbook to Discover Who You Are, What You Want and How to Get it, 6th ed.. 2019.

Online tools, such as the following, will be used:
Explore Health Careers:

Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing, and Outside of Class Assignments

  1. Written values clarification exercise
  2. Written analysis of interest inventory results
  3. Summarize results of informational interviews/guest speakers and evaluate in relationship to the healthcare career
  4. Healthcare career portfolio report, integrating the student's assessment results/research to a potential healthcare career
  5. Written activities and exercises each week from textbook


Diagnostic Medical Technology or Nursing or Radiological Technology or Dental Technology or Respiratory Technologies or Emergency Medical Technologies or Health Care Ancillaries or Pharmacy Technology or Registered Veterinary Technician or Health