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Foothill College Course Outline of Record

Foothill College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Summer 2021
Units: 5
Hours: 37 lecture, 86 laboratory per quarter (123 total per quarter)
Prerequisite: Per California Code of Regulations, this course is limited to students admitted to the Plumbing/Pipefitting Apprentice Program.
Degree & Credit Status: Degree-Applicable Credit Course
Foothill GE: Non-GE
Transferable: None
Grade Type: Letter Grade (Request for Pass/No Pass)
Repeatability: Not Repeatable

Student Learning Outcomes

  • 2- Generate a critical path schedule for a construction project.
  • 1- Explain the importance of proper record keeping on a construction project.


Provides students with the knowledge and skills to properly supervise, schedule and document a construction project. No certification in job supervision is provided.

Course Objectives

The student will be able to:
A. Recognize personality traits
B. Negotiate difficult situations
C. Resolve conflict
D. Properly fill out construction related documents
E. Evaluate and develop project schedules

Course Content

A. Personality Traits
1. Your personality type
2. Personalities and conflicts
B. Negotiating Difficult Situations
1. Image, behavior, professionalism
2. The five steps of collaborative problem solving
C. Resolving Conflicts
1. Myths surrounds conflict
2. Disputes, conflicts and negotiation
D. Construction Related Documents
1. Record keeping
2. As built drawings
3. Change orders
4. RFIs
5. Material requisitions
6. Delivery records
7. Accident and incident reports
8. Daily logs
E. Project Schedules
1. Understand the importance of scheduling
2. Pre-construction planning
3. Short interval planning
4. Managing day-to-day activities
5. Understanding a critical path schedule
6. Develop a project and produce a critical path schedule

Lab Content

Students will work individually and in teams in the lab, which includes:
A. Detailed hands-on PC training
B. Completion of a comprehensive project schedule

Special Facilities and/or Equipment

A. Lecture and laboratory classrooms with chalkboard
B. Audio-visual equipment (slide, video, and overhead projectors)
C. Supplemental handouts
D. Personal computer lab with MS Project installed on individual units

Method(s) of Evaluation

Class discussion
Individual and group exercises
Completion of a project schedule using Microsoft Project

Method(s) of Instruction

Class interaction
Group exercises
Hands-on PC training

Representative Text(s) and Other Materials

International Pipe Trades Joint Training Committee, Inc.. UA Foreman Training Manual. 2010.

Although this text is older than the suggested "5 years or newer" standard, it remains a seminal text in this area of study.

Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing, and Outside of Class Assignments

A. Readings from the course textbook UA Foreman Training Manual:
1. Chapter 5, Leadership and Motivation, pp. 5-1 through 5-10
B. Writing assignments include:
1. Generation of a critical path schedule in class


Plumbing OR Steamfitting OR Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating